Here is the cover and the final illustrations from the book, as promised.

    If anyone is interested in, I will link my Blub site for it later.

  1. Catch Journey to New Eden @ the IAM!

    New York Bound: International Book Art Biennial
    September 22 – December 29
    Reception: October 6 from 1-4pm

    Curated By Dorthea Fleiss

    A selection of artist made books from around the world and our annual open call. This exhibition promotes and encourages artists’ unconventional ideas about books. We ask artists to explore the book as an object, book-installations, one-offs, author’s books, artist’s books, writer’s books, experimental and limited editions, fine press books and the like. Curated through a number of open calls held internationally and nationally. 
     This exhibition, works selected will become part of this traveling exhibition.

    We live in the 21st century, the century of technology, of computers and mass media, all of which are separating us and our children from the written word.
    In a few years, if this direction of our civilized world continues, books will disappear.
    -Dorothea Fleiss

    Printed Spreads, as well as the original sketches will be on display in the Gift Shop Gallery!

    I’ll be there October 6th for the Reception, so if you happen to in the area, stop by and say hi! I still have plenty of postcards left over to give away!

    For more information, and directions, check out:

  2. Update!

    Book ready to print! I may eventually post the pages in three photosets, but I’m not sure.

    If not that, I will slowly be posting the finished illustrations that made it in!

    post 2/2.

    Obviously not to scale because at it’s original size, if we were going to scale, most of these creatures would be only a pixel in size!

    I couldn’t leave them blank like the rest of the ‘scense’, so I had to add some, they will also be on Fauna page as well too.

    Here’s 1/2 Posts.

    What I’ve spent the last 8 weeks working on. These are 8.5x11” paintings, Which if any of you are familiar with my painting work, with the exception of school projects (those being 18x24”) I prefer working small on a 8x10” canvas.

    These are the landscapes of New Eden, accompanying them will be a page with that ecosystem’s fauna and/or flora. The only exception being the Ocean because, well you’ll see in the next post.

    Right now I’m cleaning up my sketches for the fauna/flora and painting those.  I may end up having to bump off the grasslands and tundra set if there is not enough time. Unfortunately.

  3. Species Highlight

    I am starting to figure out names for the fauna of New Eden. First is  the Luposarchus, also known as Luposarchus shanei.

    He’s the one under the saber toothed snowcat.

    Some information about Luposarchus from a creative standpoint, he is based of the hyena-like Andewsarchus, a carnivorous distant relative to sheep, that lived in the grasslands of what is now Central Asia during the Eocene. It is possibly one of the largest land mammals to ever live.

    Luposarchus, however, bears a thicker coat akin to modern grey wolves, as it lives at New Eden’s poles. It is still a large predator and one of the apex species of the poles. (The only place mammals can grow so large! Reptiles dominate the planet similar to Earth from the Triassic to the Cretaceous.)

    They are pack animals, tribes anywhere from six to ten members, standard pack structure. Alpha Male and female lead the pack and so forth. They prey on the smaller mammals and snowbirds, hunt usually but have been known to scavenge corpses. Sexual dimorphism is not prsent, but the Southern Luposcarchus of the southern poles is said to be smaller than the ones in the north.

    Part 2/2!

    The rest of my notes!

    You may have noticed I had to revisit certain designs ans whatnot.

    Post 1/2!

    Promised you guys a sketchdump of allllllllll my notes, so here you go!

  4. Some of my friends get immortalized as ‘crew’ of the expedition in the patch design. 

    This might not be the final one, I go another direction but  one of the “members” requested I post it to see.

  5. Hi guys! I’ve started scanning and such this week, so expect a huge image dump sometime soon! Probably this weekend!

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